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Post-Covid Stress Disorder needs to be addressed

Prior to COVID-19 and during, students have been overwhelmed with stress, lack of emotional support and other factors that may hold them back from succeeding academically and growing socially. Whether it’s learning how to balance their class demands, or learning different techniques to increase their self-care as they try to become more socially accepted amongst their peers, we can all agree that the mental health of students across the nation is declining. Mental health is something that is more prevalent in young adults than ever before with 1 in 4 students reported being diagnosed with a mental illness and 1 in 5 students reported having thoughts of suicide. 


Let Nate help you by consistently providing practical tips, proven practices, inspiring stories, and other valuable concepts that will help create a healthy environment for your students dealing with different types of stressors throughout the school year; both in the classroom and outside of it.