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Nate Evans Jr. is more than a devoted husband and father—he's a beacon of resilience and hope. As a first-generation high school and college graduate, best-selling author, and mental health advocate, Nate is on a mission to bring about positive change through his impactful work.


He is the founder of "The Nathan Evans Jr Group LLC," a consulting company dedicated to mental health awareness and resilience coaching. Nate's commitment extends to being a sought-after speaker and a youth mentor, embodying his firm belief in "CHANGE WHAT WE NORMALIZE™."


Having triumphed over his own battles with mental health issues stemming from childhood trauma, Nate is passionate about eradicating stigmas surrounding mental health among youth and young adults. His experiences have driven him to craft keynotes, workshops, and programs focused on mental health, emotional intelligence, and resilience.


Nate's charismatic speaking style and compelling testimony allow him to connect with audiences of all ages. Through education and inspiration, he guides individuals on the journey to enhanced mental wellness, increased emotional intelligence, resilience, and a profound sense of self-worth.


Mission & Vision

"To empower people to renew their minds and build resilience in spite of adverse circumstances"

"How Nate Adds Value"

He produces content that ignites inspiration in thousands of individuals each month, guiding them to elevate both resilience and emotional wellness.


Work with Nate to propel yourself toward a life filled with inspiration, enabling you to operate at the peak of your capabilities.


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